Long Term Retention

Federal and state law and multiple industries require corporations to store computer files for many years. You need to get your backup data offsite to a location specifically designed to manage and protect data to meet legal and compliance requirements

Why Unitrends for Long Term Retention

Unitrends long term data retention solutions are easier to deploy and provide higher confidence that data is protected with quick and easy recovery

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
No Finger Pointing

Multiple vendors and more finger pointing

Single vendor – one throat to choke
Easier to deploy
Time Integration required
Less work – rack, connect and go

100% confidence

Little to no recovery assurance
100% confidence
Higher Security
Windows-based, malware susceptible
Hardened Linux, proactive detection
Higher satisfaction
Fragmented solution, lower satisfaction
Unified, higher confidence & satisfaction

Unitrends Long Term Retention Solutions

There are several ways to retain data for the long term depending on your volume, the required speed of recovery and cost


Single site retention



Multisite retention



Cloud Retention


Single Site Retention

Unitrends Recovery Series / Unitrends Backup software are physical and virtual, all-in-one, purpose-built backup appliances that provide cost effective, radically easy to use comprehensive data and application protection.

Advantages Components

Low Cost
Data Control

Recovery Series, or
Unitrends Backup
Local storage

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Recovery Series
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Unitrends Backup

Multisite Retention

A backup copy of data is of no use if it can be destroyed with the primary data by the same disaster. Remote storage adds a layer of protection, ideal for industries that have geographic dispersion, such as local governments and retail. All Unitrends components, whether local or remote can be managed as a single device from one console

Advantages Components
Greater data protection
Data control
2 x Recovery Series, or
Unitrends Backup
Remote Storage



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Unitrends Backup

Cloud Retention

Unitrends appliances send copies of the data to Unitrends Forever Cloud, purpose built to house and protect data for the long term. You pay only for what storage you use. An automatic retention schedule is applied to preserve the right levels and ages of data

Advantages Components
Data protection
Lower costs
High confidence
Retention services
Automated processes
Recovery Series, or
​Unitrends Backup
Unitrends Forever Cloud



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Unitrends Backup

Unitrends Forever Cloud

Highly available and secure Unitrends Forever Cloud provides long term storage for backup copies produced by Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup software.  Easily add Disaster Recovery for total peace of mind

  • Long term retention schedules   
  • Minimize WAN impact
  • Security and compliance
  • White Glove service
  • Cost effective
  • automated processes
We are using Unitrends Cloud for offsite backups. We are a publicly-traded company, so we must be SOX compliant.
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