Backup and Recovery

Unitrends offers the most flexible and comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities in the industry, enabling your business to recover quickly from a wide range of events: from accidentally deleting a file to the entire loss of one or more of your facilities.

Why Unitrends for Backup and Recovery

Unitrends backup and recovery solutions are easier to deploy and provide higher confidence that data is protected with quick and easy recovery.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
No Finger Pointing

Multiple vendors and more finger pointing

Single vendor – one throat to choke
Easier to deploy
Integration required
Less work – rack, connect and go

100% confidence

Little to no recovery assurance
100% confidence
Higher Security
Windows-based, malware susceptible
Hardened Linux, proactive detection
Higher satisfaction
Fragmented solution, lower satisfaction
Unified, higher confidence & satisfaction

Unitrends’ Backup and Recovery Solutions

Unitrends offers both single and multi-location backup and recovery solutions with either hardware or software virtual appliances

Multiple Deployment Options:

Local Only:
Backup / Recovery


Replicate, retain and recover backups at single location
Backup / Recovery

Replicate, retain and recover backup files in multiple locations

Local Backup and Recovery

Unitrends Recovery Series / Unitrends Backup software are physical and virtual, all-in-one, purpose-built backup appliances that provides cost effective, radically easy to use comprehensive data and application protection.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Easy to Deploy

Manual Integration required

Rack, connect and go
Nickeled and dimed
Bundled unlimited pricing

Easy to Manage

Multiple products, command tools
Intuitive, common interface


Unitrends Backup and Recovery Solutions:

  • Physical appliance or software virtual solution
  • Instant recovery of failed apps or servers
  • Automatic recovery testing
  • Enterprise-grade deduplication
  • Recovery assurance

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Multiple Deployment Options:

Unitrends Recovery Series


Everything is protected by my favourite piece of hardware, my Unitrends Recovery 813... This thing just keeps ticking along.


UHL Truck Sales

Unitrends Backup


I have Unitrends Backup deployed at each of my four locations. I now spend much less time on backup.


Broadway Carpet   

Remote Backup and Recovery

All Unitrends Recovery series and Unitrends Backup software scale from 2TB to 3.6 PB,  can be managed from a single console, and support remote data replication using WAN acceleration and optimization across multiple locations of your environment


Unitrends provides a perfect combination of backup and restore options that can be remotely managed.
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Unitrends Recovery Assurance

While we all hope that we will never need our disaster recovery solutions, hope is not a strategy. Unitrends Recovery Assurance provides backup verification, automated failover, testing and automated reporting that ensure recovery performs as planned.   


No Questions

Never doubt that you will fully recover your data and apps if the worst happens.



Certify that your systems will recover and be in full compliance.


Unlimited Testing

Test after all infrastructure changes to ensure full recovery.

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