Healthcare Backup and Recovery

Healthcare institutions face a challenging set of requirements for data protection and business continuity.

The Healthcare Challenge

From the need to be available 24x7x365 to the ultra-proprietary content of the electronic health records (EHRs) they need to protect, healthcare institutions face a unique set of requirements for data protection and business continuity.


Unitrends approach to the healthcare market is different. Unitrends products are designed to increase uptime and confidence in a world in which healthcare IT professionals must do more with less.  Unitrends all-in-one backup appliances deliver easy-to-use, easy to support products that provide everything needed for enterprise-grade backup and continuity.

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Healthcare requires the highest levels of uptime

Healthcare requires instant recovery that can failover applications in literally seconds. This can include automated recovery testing, site and application failover, ransomware detection, and disaster recovery compliance, both locally and in a HIPAA-certified cloud

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Healthcare is highly targeted by ransomware

The only way to beat ransomware is with solid backups. Unitrends backup business continuity appliances are written in hardened Linux, not vulnerable Windows. Unitrends includes unique automatic ransomware detection in every backup appliance. Unitrends Recovery Assurance allows for continuous and automatic testing to detect ransomware in your backups and ensures recovery from backups, archives and replication.

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Healthcare data is highly regulated

Unitrends Enterprise Plus editions of our backup and continuity appliances can provide documented test results for a HIPAA audit to prove the recoverability of patient’s health data. In addition, Unitrends appliances include the ability to encrypt targeted files so that they cannot be accessed illegally. Unitrends appliances also include built-in AES 256-bit encryption to protect healthcare data both at-rest and / or in-flight

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Healthcare must control their data at all times

Unitrends backup and business continuity solutions replicate data locally, to a controlled remote site or to a HIPAA-compliant cloud. From any of those locations data can be stored for long term retention and / or used for disaster recovery purposes.

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