Microsoft Azure and Unitrends for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Unitrends Backup and Unitrends Boomerang for VMware are deployable in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.  Both products provide protection for cloud-based workloads and low-cost disaster recovery.

Why Unitrends and Azure for Data Protection

Unitrends cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery solutions are easier to deploy and provide higher confidence that data is protected with quick and easy recovery

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
No Finger Pointing

Multiple vendorsand more finger pointing

Single vendor - one throat to choke

Easier to Deploy
Integration required

Less work - rack, connect and go

100% Confidence

Little to no recovery assurance

100% confidence

Higher Security

Windows-based, malware susceptible

Hardened Linux, proactive detection

Higher Satisfaction

Fragmented solution, lower satisfaction

Unified, higher confidence & satisfaction

Unitrends Backup in Microsoft Azure

There are three ways to use Unitrends Backup deployed in Microsoft Azure to proved added data protection.

Off Site Compliance


Unitrends Backup in Azure can be used as a target for secondary, off-site copies of your primary, on-premises backups

Protect Azure Workloads


Unitrends Backup deployed in Azure can protect other Azure-based workloads with comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities

Off Site Compliance for Azure Workloads



Unitrends Backup software in Azure can be further protected by replicating them into the Unitrends Cloud

Unitrends Boomerang for VMware in Microsoft Azure

Unitrends Boomerang is a virtual appliance that replicates VMware VMs in Microsoft Azure for copyback to data center, or spinup as native Azure VMs. Unitrends Boomerang provides cost effective, secure VM protection.


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Full VM Migration to Azure Cloud

​Easily migrates your VMware VMs to the cloud, eliminating the need for VMware licenses. Change your mind? Boomerang can bring it all back to your data center.

Unitrends Recovery Assurance

While we all hope that we will never need our disaster recovery solutions, hope is not a strategy. Unitrends Recovery Assurance provides backup verification, automated failover, testing and automated reporting that ensure recovery performs as planned for Azure VMs that are spun up in Unitrends Cloud.   


No Questions

Never doubt that you will fully recover your data and apps if the worst happens.



Certify that your systems will recover and be in full compliance.


Unlimited Testing

Test after all infrastructure changes to ensure full recovery.

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