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All-In-One Enterprise Backup & Continuity Software

Unitrends Backup software simplifies local backup and offsite compliance requirements with all-in-one software that delivers enterprise backup and continuity to your business. Powered by a super intuitive user interface, Unitrends Backup software is a full-featured virtual appliance that runs on the hypervisor or cloud of your choice. Integration with the Unitrends Cloud is built-in for long-term retention and disaster recovery.

Unitrends Backup software frees you up to work on important projects while remaining confident you can recover if and when data and servers are lost. With Unitrends, you get:

Features of Unitrends Backup Software

Affordable Fully Featured Licensing

Choose from 4 editions, each one packed with powerful features and scalable to meet your business and budget needs.

Multi-Platform Deployment Options

Runs as a virtual machine on-premises or in the cloud—available for VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Secure, All-in-One Virtual Appliance

Protection to defeat anything from ransomware to even your clumsiest employees.

Enterprise-Grade Deduplication

Use less storage and keep more retention without spending money for add-on deduplication products.

Deeply Integrated Cloud Continuity

Get long-term retention and failover in the Unitrends Cloud practically without lifting a finger.

Local & Cloud Recovery Assurance

Instantly recover physical and virtual machines. Plus, automate recovery testing, site and application failover, ransomware detection, and disaster recovery compliance, both locally and in the Unitrends Cloud.

Heterogeneous Infrastructure Support

Delivers virtual and physical protection of over 220 versions of operating systems, hypervisors, and applications.

Ransomware Protection

Multiple capabilities to quickly identify, test and recover from a ransomware attack

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#1 All-in-One Enterprise Backup & Continuity

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Unitrends Backup Software
Deployment Options

The Unitrends Backup software solution can be deployed as a physical appliance, a virtual appliance for VMware, Hyper-V or XenServer or deployed as a VM in Microsoft Azure or AWS. 

Designed for today’s busy IT professional, an intuitive and customizable dashboard and low click count means that even the most complex task can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Unitrends Backup Software Resources

Unitrends Backup Software Datasheet


Unitrends Backup software™ is available as a fully integrated, prepackaged virtual appliance running on VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen server, or as installable software for Linux. Get the details about the product and see how it can help ensure your data is safe.


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Unitrends Backup Software FAQs


Unitrends Backup software is available as a virtual appliance for Hyper-V, VMware, and Xenserver. Unlike many competitive solutions, Unitrends Backup protects your virtual and physical infrastructure, and extends that coverage from on- premise to second site or cloud environments.

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A Beginner's Guide to Ransomware eBook


Ransomware has become a billion dollar industry. CNBC stated that 60% of enterprises have been hit with ransomware. Others have reported that 63% were shut down for more than a day and 70% of victims paid the ransom. Are you prepared?

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Technical Documentation & Support


Visit the Community for detailed instructions on installation, configuration, and administration of the Unitrends backup solution.

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Protect your business with comprehensive backup and recovery for all of your assets, physical and virtual. Unitrends brings the continuity capabilities you need into one solution.