Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution

Achieve Continuity With Rapid Spin-up of Your Critical Applications in the Unitrends Cloud

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Affordable Business Continuity in the Cloud

Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) delivers rapid spin-up of your critical applications in the Unitrends cloud, at a cost significantly lower than building and managing your own off-site DR.

Working in tandem with Forever Cloud and your Recovery Series appliance or Unitrends Backup software, Unitrends DRaaS provides business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) in the secure Unitrends Cloud. Two service levels are available.

  • Unlimited DRaaS delivers spin-up of an unlimited number of VMware and Hyper-V VMs and physical Windows servers, based on the protected capacity of your Forever Cloud account.
  • Premium DRaaS delivers a 1-hour spin-up SLA and Recovery Assurance DR testing. Combine with Unlimited DRaaS by adding Premium DRaaS to your most critical servers.

Features of Unitrends Disaster Recovery Services

Business Continuity in the Cloud

Unitrends DRaaS provides an “Always On” warm standby Disaster Recovery (DR) environment that delivers continued operations in the Cloud DR environment in the event of a primary site failure. Spin up critical VMs in the cloud rapidly without building a dedicated secondary DR site. 

Guaranteed 1 Hour SLA

Our add-on Premium DR service guarantees your critical virtual machines will be operational in our cloud in less than an hour from the time of a disaster. Premium DRaaS also includes Recovery Assurance for automated DR testing.

Security and Compliance

All our data centers are SSAE-16 SOC 2 certified and validated to meet best-in-class security standards. All data is secured with the latest military grade encryption with AES-256 encryption of data in-flight and at-rest. Unitrends Cloud data centers are available in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia. And for healthcare businesses with additional regulatory requirements, all Unitrends backup and recovery products can be part of a HIPAA compliant environment.   

White Glove Service

Unitrends is here to help you 24x7x365 with white glove services. In the event of a disaster at your site even large data sets can be recovered quickly. Backups of your data are copied to a Recovery Series appliance or NAS device and shipped to your primary site within 24 hours after the disaster event is declared.

Cost Effective

Unitrends DRaaS eliminates the need for second site capital expense (CapEx). With annual subscription pricing, DRaaS maximizes your budget while simplifying operational expense (OpEx). Pair Unlimited DRaaS with your Forever Cloud account, and add Premium DRaaS for your most critical VMs. You get a complete BC/DR solution sized that is specifically for your infrastructure and recovery goals, as well as 30 days of operational use or test use of the DRaaS Cloud. 

Comprehensive Recovery Assurance

For total peace of mind, Premium DRaaS adds Recovery Assurance in the cloud to your critical VMs.  This automated DR testing ensures your recovery objectives, saves you the time and expense of manual alternatives, and gives you 100% confidence in the recovery point to come.

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" My Business is 24/7. I Can't Afford Downtime."

Need on-site backup as well as disaster recovery that keeps your business running no matter what? With Unitrends you can protect your whole environment and get DR in the cloud through one single platform.

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Unitrends DRaaS is an add-on DR subscription service for customers with a Unitrends backup appliance and a Unitrends Cloud account. Unlimited DRaaS pairs with your Forever Cloud long term retention service to provided spin-up of your protected virtual machines in the cloud.  For your most critical virtual machines, add Premium DRaaS for Recovery Assurance DR testing and guaranteed 1-hour spin-up in the cloud.

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